What is telemarketing

Telemarketing is an effective way to promote your product or service. It is a quick way to ensure immediate sales results.

Telemarketing or telesales is a form of direct marketing in which a call centre operator either makes a direct sale of a product or service, or arranges a personal meeting or generates a business lead for the purpose of selling a product or service.

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Telemarketing as the most effective form of direct marketing

Telemarketing is the most effective form of direct marketing. This is based on its nature. The principle of telemarketing is contacting existing or potential clients by telephone. The fundamental advantage of telemarketing compared to other forms of marketing is the interaction between the call centre operator and the client. This allows the operator to respond to the client’s questions, comments and doubts.

According to international studies, the average success rate (sales conversion) of telemarketing is more than 10%.Compared to e-mail marketing, for example, this is a significant difference, as the average success rate is many times less than 0.5%.

Of course, The success of a particular project depends on several aspects. For example, the type of product, service or specific offer sold, or the choice of target database, etc.
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Categories of telemarketing services

Telephone sales – telesales

It is suitable for relatively less demanding products or services of common or daily consumption. If you want to increase your sales results quickly and efficiently, this is the ideal solution.

Arranging meetings

It is suitable for more cost-intensive products or services where a personal consultation with a sales representative is required.


Acquiring a new customer is more costly than nurturing an existing one. Therefore, if a customer cancels your contract, you need to take care of the customer or ideally deal with the situation beforehand.

Updating databases

An up-to-date database is important for business success, so don’t neglect yours.

In what situations is telemarketing appropriate

Telemarketing is suitable for any company or organization to achieve the necessary business goals. The most common form of telemarketing is telephoning individuals to offer specific goods or services. Telemarketing is also there for legal entities, i.e. entrepreneurs who offer their products or services to other entrepreneurs. In what situations is it suitable for you:

  • lack of telesales over the phone – telesales – if you don’t have your own telesales team, it is faster and more efficient to negotiate with a telesales outsourcing company.
  • expansion – if you have your own telesales but want to expand your existing capacity with the benefits that come from telemarketing.
  • benchmarking against your own telesales team – if you want to improve the performance of your own telesales team, there is no better solution than to hire a sparring partner to compare results and efficiency.

What are the real costs of running a call centre

It often happens that when calculating the actual costs, some items are forgotten, but they are also part of the cost of the call centre operator’s work. So what does the actual cost of a call centre worker include:

  • the employee’s gross salary
  • employee contributions
  • employer contributions
  • holiday costs
  • administrative expenses (sick leave, vacation, etc.)
  • meal tickets
  • the salary of the supervisor
  • training
  • recruitment & selection
  • information system licences
  • management of information systems
  • telecommunications and internet charges
  • renting of offices
  • depreciation of other equipment
  • payroll and accounting processing
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