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What forms of communication do we use when running customer service

Nowadays, customer services use all forms of communication, including relatively new forms such as webchat or social networks.

  • phone
  • e-mail
  • web chat
  • social network management
  • handling messengers such as What´s up, Viber, etc.

What we pursue with quality customer service

By outsourcing your customer service centre to a quality provider, you can ensure that the most important part of your business has clear management structures and quality support to handle both routine tasks and emergencies.

Types of customer service

Helpline / customer centre

Both before and after the purchase of goods or services, it is important to provide quality support to your customers. The most common form of customer care is the operation of a customer care centre. In the customer service centre, operators handle different types of client requests. From information about the services provided, to proactively setting up a service, changing or modifying existing services, billing, accepting complaints, etc.

Order line

It is very important for every company to satisfy the requirements of its existing or potential clients. Increased customer interest may be due to a number of reasons. Seasonal fluctuations, a recent marketing campaign, or unusual interest in a product (e.g. due to a competitor’s failure). Even the most efficient business model can sometimes be “stretched”. Our operators can take and process orders, handle catalog or brochure requests, handle special requests, and be prepared for your current marketing campaign.

Help desk

It is a more sophisticated form of customer support. It is also customer support, but it is usually a technical support solution for products such as computers, electronic equipment, installations and the like. The help desk is also often used as an internal help line for employees.

For whom is customer service outsourcing suitable

This service is primarily intended for companies with a larger number of customers, regardless of their focus or clientele. However, it also works well for smaller companies. The most frequent customers are companies:

  • market entrants that do not have their own customer service centre. It can be a brand new and start-up company or a company from abroad that needs to provide customer service in Slovak language.
  • looking for a flexible way to expand their own call centre. The advantage of such cooperation is the ability to very flexibly adapt customer service capacities to the current requirements of your customers.
  • looking for financial savings in running a customer service centre. When all actual costs are calculated, outsourcing customer service is a more financially viable solution. The main reason is the economies of scale that an outsourcing company can generate.

Customer service working hours

CreditCall operates a call centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that we have non-stop operation all year round. However, most of our business partners use normal business hours.

What is the actual cost of running customer service

It often happens that when calculating the actual costs, some items are forgotten, but they are also part of the cost of the call centre operator’s work. So what all does the actual cost of a customer service agent include?

  • the employee’s gross salary
  • employee contributions
  • employer contributions
  • holiday costs
  • administrative costs (sick leave, vacation, etc.)
  • meal tickets
  • the salary of the supervisor
  • training
  • recruitment & selection
  • information systems licences
  • management of information systems
  • telecommunications and internet charges
  • renting of offices
  • depreciation of other equipment
  • payroll and accounting processing

What is the cost of custom
call center?

Do you want to know the cost of your own call centre completely accurately? Calculate them now:


Benefits of outsourcing customer service

Outsourcing has become an important part of business strategies in key business areas, including customer service outsourcing. At first glance, such a step may seem complicated and complicated, but it has a number of advantages:

  • transparency – you have absolute control and access to every communication that is conducted with your customers, including statistics and reports
  • flexibility – third-party customer support gives you more flexibility to handle your customers’ fluctuating demands
  • cost optimisation – by paying only for services actually used, costs are optimised and resources are used efficiently
  • you do not have to look for new employees – currently it is difficult to find a suitable candidate for the position of call centre operator, so this difficult task is no longer necessary for you
  • you do not need to train new employees – normally there is a high turnover in call centres and new employees need to be trained all the time. This task falls to you anyway.
  • expertise and experience – you get a partner who has experience with hundreds of different projects and will be happy to advise you which solution is ideal for you

Outsourcing today gives you far more options than you can imagine. We as a company will do everything for your satisfaction and our long-term cooperation.

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