Recently, I inadvertently overheard a conversation between two friends in a restaurant. They were so noisy that it was impossible not to hear them. The interview was about the work of one of the girls. She worked in a call centre and her friend made it clear how much she despised her job. In fact, it inspired me to write this short blog post.

And also to create this website, where you too will learn how great it is to work in a call centre.

Why work in a call centre?

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Opportunity to learn new things

It may sound unbelievable, but by working in a call centre it is possible to learn new information. Information you have not come into contact with before. For example, in our call centre there are people who have worked on several campaigns for clients from different business areas. That’s why today they control the information about the offers of an internet or phone provider, health or commercial insurance company, banking products. But much more interesting are forklifts, cleaning equipment or detailed knowledge of the office supplies catalogue. Now try to think how a potential employer will react if they see on your CV that you have actually worked in 10 different companies? 🙂

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An opportunity to acquire communication skills

The main job in a call centre is to make a phone call or talk to another person. The goal of any professional call centre is to make the speech of its employees as good as possible. That is why, for example, we conduct communication training and exercises on a regular basis. A huge benefit of these training courses and exercises is not only that you will apply the knowledge you gain to your work, but that you will also use this knowledge in real life. My relatives laugh at me, supposedly I always handle everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the office even though I don’t have all my papers or at the restaurant after finals or just at home fumbling for the TV remote. The secret is to be assertive, ask the right questions and respond promptly. All this and much more can teach you how to work in a call centre.

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Potential for career growth

While not everyone will agree with me, I think there are few jobs that have such potential for rapid career growth. The advantage is that if you are smart and have a track record as a rank-and-file call centre operator, it doesn’t matter how much you work in the company. I know many people who started with us as operators and are now in management positions. In our company alone, there are 2 supervisors (people who are in charge of a group of operators) who started as call centre operators. Our sales manager started in our company as a 16 year old call centre operator and gradually worked his way up through various positions to sales manager.

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Why work in a call centre?

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