A call centre can help your business increase the effectiveness of your strategy in acquiring new customers. In today’s environment where almost every company is faced with a high level of competition, it is important to have the ability to expand your customer base.

At the same time, you need to target the right group of customers with the right marketing strategy at the right time. A call centre is able to coordinate customer acquisition, customer nurturing and convert leads into real customers using a wide range of marketing tools.
According to international studies, the average success rate (sales conversion) of telemarketing reaches more than 10%, which is a significant difference compared to, for example, email marketing, where it is many times up to 0.5%.

Of course, the success of a particular project depends on several aspects. For example, the type of product, service, or specific offer sold, or the choice of target database, etc.

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In addition to acquiring new customers, it is also possible to work with existing customers through a cross and up sell strategy.

  • cross sell – is a direct selling strategy that aims to satisfy a customer’s need by offering multiple products that may or may not be related to their primary purchase. It is called. Vertical sales, for example, if an insurance company offers you car insurance in addition to life insurance, or a mobile operator offers mobile internet in addition to telephony.
  • up sell – is a direct selling strategy, the intention of which is to sell the customer a higher range of a given type of product or service, or additional products and services that improve the characteristics of the product or service being purchased, or a larger quantity of the same type of product or service at a more advantageous price. It is a movement along the so-called. horizontal sales. For example, selling an extended warranty when buying a washing machine or when buying socks, the salesperson will ask you if you want to buy 2 or 3 pairs of socks.

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Benefits of outsourcing – telesales

Telesales – selling over the phone is a simple and effective tool for improving your business. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Flexibility – outsourcing telesales gives you more flexibility in implementing your business plans
  • accurately measurable results – telesales results are extremely well measurable, and it is possible to deliver an analysis of every point of the sales process
  • reduction of operating costs – telemarketing is a cost-effective method and is significantly cheaper compared to other forms of marketing
  • increases your sales – telesales actually sells thanks to trained staff and appropriate sales techniques
  • immediate response to a product or service – during the call, the call centre operator can conclude a contract or agreement
  • database creation – thanks to the information from the calls it allows you to keep your client database up-to-date
  • experience – you get a partner who has experience with hundreds of different projects and will be happy to advise you on what is the ideal solution for you

Outsourcing telesales gives you far more options than you can imagine today. We as a company will do everything for your satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

What is the real cost of running a telemarketing business

It often happens that when calculating the actual costs, some items are forgotten, but they are also part of the cost of the call centre operator’s work. So what all does the actual cost of a telesales worker include:

  • the employee’s gross salary
  • employee contributions
  • employer contributions
  • holiday costs
  • costs of (sick leave, vacation, etc.)
  • meal tickets
  • the salary of the supervisor
  • Training
  • recruitment & selection
  • information system licences
  • management of information systems
  • telecommunications and internet charges
  • renting of offices
  • depreciation of other equipment
  • payroll and accounting processing
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