The CreditCall call centre provides customer service lines for e-shops, companies, banks and institutions. With us, your customer will always call you. And not only that. The Creditcall call centre will turn your passive hotline into a sales channel that makes your customers happy.

Do you need to directly increase sales or acquire new customers? There’s our Telesales – Telemarketing. It’s active sales by experienced call center salespeople. Our telemarketers have hundreds of hours of successful sales calls under their belt, and they know how to engage the customer and leave them feeling good about buying your product or service.

We are also engaged in the implementation of telephone market research. If you have a survey methodology in place in conjunction with a survey agency, we are the ones who will deliver quality and speed. We are a powerful force for your business and preference surveys.

Customer hotline for e-shop, company or institution

Quality customer service is the key to customer satisfaction. With us, your customer service is not just a hotline but a sales channel. A quality call center operator can not only answer questions, but guide the customer to buy the product or at least leave a good feeling from the interaction with your eshop or company. Moreover, the efficiency of the customer hotline in our call centre is incomparably higher than in inhouse call centres.

Customer Service – Infoline

Telemarketing – sales via call centre

Active telesales or outbound is one of the most effective tools to increase sales of your goods or services. In your marketing media mix Telemarketing is the most powerful form of marketing with the best return on investment (ROI) – you simply sell much more over the phone than you do with billboards.


Wake UP Research Agency

Every decision should be made on the basis of truthful and objective information. Every consequence of your decision should be verified in a correct and objective way. Telephone market research is one of the fastest and most objective forms of information gathering. All you need is a methodology and we will take care of the quality research.

Wake UP Research Agency

Debt recovery for legal entities

If it happens to you that your business partners do not pay you on time, it is necessary to approach the situation with the utmost caution. It is ideal to entrust a professional with regular debt collection. One that will ensure that your brand, reputation and good relationship with your business partner or client is protected when managing your receivables. He will act to ensure that you get your money back as soon as possible.

Debt recovery for companies

Creditcall specialises in services built around a state-of-the-art call centre. We do everything that a call centre can do well and efficiently, and we add a dose of humanity and a personal touch. And not just to the contacts we make, but also to our colleagues. Because only a satisfied employee can do his job well – to satisfy the need of the person he is on the phone with.

For us, quality means that we don’t bother people, we talk to them. Over the phone, we build your customer’s relationship with your brand, effectively selling or providing essential information with an average acceptability rate of over 99%.

We know you will be satisfied with us. This is evidenced by years of successful collaboration with the best brands in the market that value our values and track record, pro-bono activities and crisis lines that have operated with 99.8% uptime under our management.

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