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We transformed CreditCall into its current form in 2011. A lot of people ask me what the word “Credit” in the title means. Is it related to the fact that you are involved in, among other things, receivables management?

There are two explanations. The first is the fact that at the time we founded the company, we were in the telemarketing and debt collection business. So yes, there’s that explanation as well. In 2013, we definitely joined the ranks of renowned data collectors, i.e. companies collecting data via telephone for survey agencies.

In marketing and research terms, the word “Credit” means that by working with us we will increase your credit among your clients. It’s more than likely that we’ve been in contact with each other and you don’t even know it. And that’s just as well.

Today we provide services in the following areas:

These services have more in common than meets the eye. For all of them you need a quality information system, an automated telephone exchange for incoming and outgoing calls, or a system for automatic sending of e-mails and SMS messages.

Our programmers work every day on improvements and your suggestions, which is why we are leaders in innovation. Today, I would describe our company as a full-service shared services company. We will provide you with services ranging from finding a potential customer, its acquisition to contracting. If he forgets to pay, we will remind him by SMS, email or phone. In addition, we can obtain important information from the client through a survey about their satisfaction with your services or the goods you sell.

The foundation of any successful company is its employees. I am also aware of this, which is why the selection of employees goes through strict criteria. We employ people who love their work.

We hope that based on the information on our website you will decide to work with us.

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To be the highest quality provider in the areas of shared service centres.


Becoming a strategic partner for renowned companies without which they cannot imagine their business.

Branches in Slovakia

Mapa pobočiek

2006 Sep

Establishment of the company

2011 Okt

Transforming Creditcall

2013 Apr

Branch Zvolen

2016 Aug

Branch Topoľčany

2016 Nov

The first 100 surveys

2016 Dec

Member of ESOMAR

2017 Feb

100 employees

2018 Okt

Branch Žilina

2020 Mar

Assistance with crisis lines Covid 19 NZCI, MZ SR, MPSVaR

2021 Apr

180 employees

2022 Feb

Who will help Ukraine

2022 Apr

Unicef/UNHCR Helpline

2023 Júl

Branch Snina

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