Early debt collection

Preventing unpaid debts from arising is cheaper and easier than recovering them afterwards. The early collection service has two variants. Contact the customer before the receivable is due or contact the customer just after the receivable is due. The information obtained in this way will determine whether your invoice will be paid. In the event of a problem, your partner will also appreciate a timely proposal for a solution, which will prevent the creation of a bad debt.

How early debt collection works

  • contacting us shortly before the due date (2-3 days), we will find out if the particular invoice will be paid on time and accurately
  • contacting shortly after the due date (7-14 days) to find out why the invoice has not been paid
  • we act on your behalf for the early collection service, i.e. the customer does not know that he is being contacted by a third party
  • if your partner is aware of payment delays or other difficulties, we can offer a suitable form of security for the claim

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What you need to start recovery

Simple administrative steps are sufficient to get started:

  • just send us the claims you would like to recover, ideally in a database in xlsx or similar format
  • Based on this, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you and a draft mandate agreement together with a power of attorney
  • after acceptance of our offer and confirmation of the contract, cases can be delegated to us for recovery
  • data exchange and the entire communication can be carried out electronically

Who is this service for

Preventing unpaid debts from arising is cheaper and easier than recovering them afterwards. This service is designed for customers who have a large number of receivables just before their due date.

Benefits of outsourcing early collection

Early debt collection is one of the most effective services that can prevent bad debts from becoming overdue.

The main advantages of outsourcing early debt collection are described below:

  • no initial fees, commission based on success only – our reward is only if we are successful
  • regular reports with collection success – you have online access to the status of your receivables and regular monthly reports on the status of your receivables
  • early collection of receivables – represents a reduction in the risk of receivables
  • Reduction of financial and time costs – for later debt recovery
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