About Us

CreditCall provides debt recovery services, and operates an outsourced telemarketing call center and a survey agency. You may wonder what debt recovery, a telemarketing call center, and a market survey have in common.

These services have more in common than may seem at first glance. They all require a quality information system, automated phone center for incoming and outgoing calls, and a system of automated e-mail and SMS sending. At the same time, it’s necessary to have a high quality and up-to-date database of natural and legal persons.

Our programmers work every day on improvements and your suggestions, and that’s why we’re the leader in innovation.

Employees are the foundation of every successful company. We’re aware of this, and therefore employee selection undergoes strict criteria. We employ people with many years of rich experience and who are recognized experts in the field, particularly those who enjoy their job.

We believe that based on the information on our website you’ll choose to cooperate with us.