Quality Calls

QCalls is, in our understanding, an extended version of the NPS survey. In addition to basic questions about brand recommendation, we also find out other important information. QCalls is a regular continuous survey ideally separated in time (monthly) with the possibility of comparing and measuring trends in customer behaviour and perception, in the services provided, products sold or the brand as such.

What is our role

A survey is a sub-area of the whole, which is research. As such, research consists of developing a professional methodology, processing and evaluating data based on the data collected. Our company thus occupies the position of an explorer, or so-called. data collector for research agencies. If a research agency needs to obtain information, they approach us with an assignment, which we carry out in practice as field data collection. We mostly carry out assignments on behalf of the agency.
However, we do not only conduct surveys for research agencies, but we are commonly hired by companies that have their own analysts. Our task is to collect the necessary data well.

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How the survey works

A survey is a very sensitive matter and therefore requires precise planning, quality implementation and proper evaluation. How a survey is carried out from the beginning to the final output:

  • defining the objective and purpose of the survey
  • preparation of the topics we want to find out in the survey
  • preparation of appropriate questions
  • questionnaire programming
  • data collection with prior interviewer training
  • evaluation of the survey and processing into graphical form
  • interpretation of results
  • adoption of measures

Quality versus price of the survey

Something to be particularly careful about when choosing the right survey method is selecting the appropriate type of survey depending on its objective and the target group being surveyed.

Unfortunately, these attributes are often preferred to lower cost over survey suitability. It is important to note that if you do not choose the right survey design or the right target group, the survey results may not be correct. Thus, the subsequent decisions you make may not be the right ones.
In an effort to save perhaps a few hundred euros, we can calculate the damage caused by a wrong decision to thousands, even tens of thousands of euros.

Quality market research should be an essential tool in making business decisions. The form of the survey and the target group you want to target are important. If you need advice or are interested in a quote, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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