Out-of-court debt recovery

The out-of-court recovery of debts is based on a mandate agreement, which is why it is also called mandated debt recovery. Once we have handed over the receivables from your debtors, we immediately start the out-of-court recovery process. This is done in writing, by telephone and in person. In order to settle the debt, we conclude an acknowledgement of liability or a repayment plan with the debtor. If we are unable to recover the claim out of court, we will recommend a course of action based on the information we have obtained.

How out-of-court debt recovery works

The priority in debt recovery is to establish contact with the debtor. It is therefore ideal if we have all available contacts for the debtor. Immediately after sending the documents, we start the recovery process. We use all forms of communication in order to make the debt recovery as efficient as possible.

We use the following forms of communication to collect debts:

  • correspondence by letter
  • telephone contact of the debtor
  • e-mail communication
  • SMS
  • personal communication

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What you need to start recovery

Simple administrative steps are sufficient to get started:

  • just send us the claims you would like to recover, ideally in a database in xlsx or similar format
  • Based on this, we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you and a draft mandate agreement together with a power of attorney
  • after acceptance of our offer and confirmation of the contract, cases can be delegated to us for recovery
  • data exchange and the entire communication can be carried out electronically

Who is this service for

The out-of-court debt collection service is intended for entrepreneurs. This means for companies and individuals – sole traders who have not been paid their invoices by the due date.

The advantages of outsourcing debt recovery are obvious

Out-of-court debt recovery is one of the fairest services. You only pay for what you actually collect based on our work. There are no initial administration fees, just a commission on the amount successfully recovered. The main advantages of debt recovery are described below:

  • no initial fees, commission based on success only – our reward is only if we are successful
  • third-party psychological effect – your debtor will realise that if you have decided to cooperate with us, you consider the situation to be serious
  • global reach – we can recover debts also abroad
  • your employees can devote themselves to the activities they are assigned to in the company – in particular, accountants only deal with unpaid invoices when they have time
  • obtaining additional information about the debtor – in the course of the recovery, we will obtain information that may be important to you, either for further cooperation or for possible judicial and enforcement action
  • regular reports with collection success – you have online access to the status of your receivables and regular monthly reports on the status of your receivables
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