Why Work at a Call Center?

Recently, I accidentally overheard a conversation between two female friends in a restaurant. They were so loud it was impossible not to hear them. The conversation was about one of the girls’ job. She worked at a call center and her friend was clearly showing how much she despised her work. She basically inspired me to write this short blog.

An opportunity to learn new things

It will sound unbelievable, but when working at a call center you have the opportunity to learn new information. For example, there are people at our call center who have already worked on several campaigns for clients from various business fields. Thanks to this, they learned about the offers of internet and telephone providers, health and commercial insurance companies, and bank products. But the forklifts, cleaning equipment, and a detailed knowledge of the office supplies catalogue are much more interesting. Now try to imagine how a potential employer would react if they saw on your CV that you basically worked at 10 different companies?:)

An opportunity to acquire communication skills

The main work at a call center is to make phone calls, which means talking to other people. Every professional call center’s aim is to provide the best presentation of their employees. Therefore we regularly organize communication trainings and exercises. A huge benefit from these trainings is that this knowledge can also be used in real life, not only at work. My relatives laugh at me because I’m always managing everything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the office, even though I always don’t have all the documents, or in a restaurant after closing, or just at home when fighting for the TV remote control. The secret is in assertive behavior, correct questioning, and prompt reactions. Working at a call center can teach you this and much more.

Potential for career growth

Even though not everyone will agree, I think that there are only a few job positions with such potential for quick career growth. The advantage is that if you are skillful and show results as a regular call center operator, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked at our company. I know many people who started as operators and today are in managing positions. We only have two supervisors (people in charge of a group of operators) who started as operators at the call center. Our business manager started in the company as a 16-year-old operator, gradually working his way up through different positions to business manager.

Finally, I want to add that if someone makes fun of you because you work or are considering working at a call center, ignore them. If I had heeded such people a few years ago I wouldn’t have my business today. And if you’d heard how I used to communicate back then…you’d have kicked me out from an interview. So we welcome everyone, and if you have potential, we’ll find and develop it, even if you think that perhaps you’re not the right person for this job.