Infoline & Help desk

The Infoline and Help Desk are specialized services suitable for managing incoming calls for various services. If your client needs an expert answer, we’re able to provide it. A great advantage is possible flexibility when the number of calls fluctuates during the month.

If you operate in one of the following fields, your company is an ideal partner for cooperation with us.
  • internet, telephone, or television provider
  • hardware or software seller
  • bank, insurance company, leasing company
  • food producer

The service is suitable both for companies with a large number of existing or potential customers, and for companies with a smaller amount of clients, and need to provide them with lots of information and a high level of care. Some clients use the Infoline as a form of promotion and prestige.

Do you have many customers? Are you introducing a new product or service and need your customers to receive information or professional help in case of confusion? In such a case, one of the Infoline or Help Desk services or their combination is ideal. Our trained operators provide information and help your clients without them knowing this is a third-party service Besides accepting calls, we’re able to process and answer letters and e-mails.