Telemarketing call center

If you want to be successful in telemarketing, it’s important to have a great product – a service, and high-quality hardware and software equipment. But the most important aspect of a company is the employees: a team that enthusiastically accepts new challenges. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve been consciously working with employees on a training and coaching basis for a long time.

CreditCall currently has 30 operator positions at the Bratislava headquarters, and 20 in Zvolen. In case of need we’re able to increase the number of job positions in a relatively short time.

All projects we carry out for our clients are intended to train the operators and prepare them for various situations. Trainings for incoming and outgoing calls are different, and therefore it’s always important to define the project’s aim. We mainly focus on managing objections, sales psychology, and the communication style with clients.