Out of court debt collection

Out of court debt collection is based on a mandate contract, and therefore it’s called mandatory debt recovery. After delivering your debtors, we immediately begin the process of extrajudicial collection. It can be in writing, by phone, or in person. In order to resolve the debt, we negotiate a bond recognition or payment schedule. If we’re unable to collect the debt extrajudicially, we recommend another procedure to you, based on collected information.


  • no up-front fees, commission based only on the success rate
  • psychological effect of a third party
  • global scope
  • your employees can perform the activities designated for them
  • gaining additional information on the debtor
  • regular reports of the collection success rate

How it works:

  • just send us the debts you wish to collect
  • we’ll prepare a customized offer for you and a draft of an agency contract
  • after accepting our offer and confirming the contract, you can delegate the recovery cases to us