Early collection

Prevention against the emergence of unpaid debts is cheaper and easier than their subsequent recovery. The early debt recovery service has two possibilities: contacting the customer before the debt due date or contacting them shortly after the due date.

Like this, we’ll gain information about whether your invoice will be paid. In case of a problem, your partner will also appreciate an early solution proposal, preventing the emergence of an uncollectible debt.


  • you can choose the right procedure in time
  • reducing the risk of debt
  • reducing financial and time losses for later debt recovery
  • sophisticated communication with your partner
  • building a partnership and trust

How it works:

  • by contacting the debtor shortly before the due date (2-3 days) we’ll find out whether the specific invoice will be paid in time and in full
  • by contacting the debtor shortly after the due date (7-14 days), we’ll find out why the invoice wasn’t paid
  • with the early debt recovery service we perform on your behalf, i.e. the customer doesn’t know they are being contacted by a third party
  • if your partner knows about late payments or other difficulties, we’re able to offer an appropriate form of debt security