Debt purchase

The debt market has matured in recent years. Debt repurchasing is a simple and fast method to gain financial resources. Our team of analysts is ready to offer you their experience and prepare the best calculation for you, based on the provided information.

Our unique and professional approach when selling debts makes it an attractive and profitable choice.


  • provides immediate financial resources
  • removes the burden from your employees
  • reduces or completely eliminates administrative costs
  • optimizing of financial statements
  • improvement of cash flow

How it works:

  • send us the list of debts you want to sell
  • we’ll make an analysis based on the provided information
  • we’ll prepare a price offer and a draft of an agreement on debt referral
  • you’ll decide whether to accept the price offer
  • after it’s been accepted, we’ll sign the contract and pay the agreed price
  • you’ll give us the documents concerning the debt