Court debt collection

In the case of failed extrajudicial recovery and our recommendations, we’re able to ensure judicial continuation. You can decide whether to use the services of our legal department or entrust your own lawyer. We’ll prepare the prosecution and participate in trials all over Slovakia.


  • after extrajudicial debt recovery it’s possible to immediately continue with judicial recovery
  • no need for your own lawyer
  • our reward is only for the executed work, no advance payments

How it works:

  • if we don’t manage to recover debts extrajudicially, we advise you whether to continue with judicial recovery based on the collected facts
  • we prepare an overall calculation of costs related to judicial recovery
  • after accepting our offer, you give power-of-attorney to the one who will represent you at the trial
  • everything else is done by ourselves. We’ll prepare the lawsuit and in case of need we participate in the trials
  • after obtaining the legally valid payment order or verdict, we can continue with the recovery using an executor