Debt recovery

Sometimes rarely, other times regularly, it happens that your business partners don’t pay you on time. In such a case, it’s necessary to approach the situation with maximum prudence. It’s ideal to entrust a professional with collection. One who will ensure the protection of your brand and reputation when managing debts, and work in such a way as though it were his own company, whether it is extrajudicial or judicial debt recovery.

CreditCall is one of the innovative leaders in the debt collection sector. We use our own information system with an automated call center. Wherever the debtor is located, whether it’s across the street or on the opposite end of the world, we have a strongly motivated team of negotiators whose selection undergoes strong criteria. We employ people with many years of rich experience in debt collection, and who are recognized experts in this department. But most importantly, people who like their work. Success in collection depends on diplomacy, persistence, and understanding the individual circumstances in each case.

On the following pages I would like to briefly introduce CreditCall’s focus. I believe that you’ll choose us as your company’s beneficial partner.